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Smile is a key of healthy life. Smile prevent many diseases if reduce the chances of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases reduce by 10 to 15  minute smile or laugh. Laugh makes person look beautiful. A healthy laugh also increases immune system to fight against several diseases. Making people laugh is an art. Many people hire comedians for make people laugh.

Sentimental comedy:

In comedy shows, comedians make laugh to people. They touch the sentiments emotions of people. A good comedian never touches emotion of people in negative way. They make people laugh with positive attitude. Sentimental comedians do some specific dress up to touch the emotions of people. In this type of comedy people not just feel the comedy, but comedy also touches the feelings of comedy. A comedy makes person happier and cheerful. Comedy night in sydney educational institutions mostly use this type of comedy to convey an effective message. It keeps people up to date about anything with the help of light and simple comedy. Sentimental comedy is best thing and makes person laugh as well as emotional at the same time.

Romantic comedy:

The best way to make person smile is romantic comedy. In this type of comedy a writer does not follow the classical and traditional way of comedy. He just writes a romantic comedy to laugh people and also make them emotional too. This type of comedy is rarely used by people. This type of comedy is mostly used in wedding event to make people laugh and feel them emotional. Romantic comedy is also a part of comedy. This comedy is great to make wedding event memorable. It gives emotional feelings to people. This comedy also provokes some emotions in human.

Classical comedy:

This comedy is consisted of Greek and ancient roman types. In classical comedy a writer writes a play according to old fashioned. In comedy night most of people use to call comedians for classical comedy. This comedy is quite expensive, because comedians need costumes to act like ancient Greeks and roman. In this type of comedy a group of comedian is act and show does something funny to make people laugh. Classical comedy is used by fewer peoples. But, still this comedy has great role in the world of comedy. Classical comedy shows now play rarely.

Stand up comedy:

Stand up comedy is a type of comedy. In this comedy, a comedian crack a joke and makes people laugh. This type of comedy is common and people now love to arrange stand up comedy shows. This type of comedy is cheap and more effective on people as compare to other comedy type. Stand up comedy is mostly arranged by cooperative events, educational institution and also at common occasions. Stand up comedy is most commonly arranged by comedians. This comedy is most effective and reduces all kind of tensions from human. In short, the core reason of make laugh people is fulfil by comedians.Please visit our website for further information


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