As we all know, the need of each person and each department varies from one person to another. For example, a person who like to have spicy food and the other person like to have mild food. So, whenever we go to a restaurant to have food then we see that they give us a choice and ask about our preferences. They have multiple choices and each guest order according to their choices and preferences.

Likewise, if talk about the material of windows, people choose the material and the use according to the requirements and demands. Some people like to have windows for only pass through the wind and fresh air. So, their purpose of having windows are different.

People choose the windows and their material according to the purpose and their needs. Following are the few materials for windows that people choose for different purposes and places.

  • Noise Reducing:

There is glass material available for windows that are used in stopping the sounds and noise of outside. If we talk about the ICU rooms and sensitive rooms in hospitals then we have seen in all the hospitals that there are glass windows and glass sheets placed there. The material of that window is noise resistant. We can stand outside and talk but the noise can’t go inside.

  • Security:

We all need security. If we talk about office and airports then we have seen that they are long windows and glass sheets are places in between the customer and the personnel of the specific field. It is there because we need to keep the things confidential and secured.

  • Decoration:

We can use the glass material as decoration purpose as well. We can keep the on the wall having a painting on it. Or we can get them laminated on the walls and the floors having an aquarium inside. People and kids like it so much. It is preferred in the museums and kids’ space in malls and other places.

  • Mirrored:

Mirrored glass is widely being used in the office. There is one side mirrored. When we see it from the outer side, it is a mirror but inside a person sitting can see the whole scene. The other side is like a see-through mirror. It is a great idea to have an eye on the employees in the office.

  • Tinted:

Tinted windows are used in homes. When we want to hide the inside of the house because in front of our house there is another house. For privacy reasons, we can do that.

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