Building a complete animal farm is never complete unless all animals are placed according to the need and nature of the animals. This is what we are going to discuss here, animals are required to be staying at a place where they really want to live. For instance it is not possible for a cow to live in a stable right? Similarly a horse just cannot live in a den. So it is important to understand the nature of the animals and what they need in terms of a home. It is essential to keep this thing in mind for an animal farm owner, otherwise it would be difficult for the owner to breed the animals and make them productive in terms of milk extraction and meat extraction. So let’s roll on to some animal nature and their residential preferences:

Cows for open area: this is quite obvious and common that a cow may now be able to life in a confined place, in order to stay healthy and happy the animal farm in Melbourne must have an open land area especially for the cows and goats of the animal farms. Moreover the open land must have natural grass too, which will enhance the experience of the cow and goats. As a result milk generation and other breeding procedures may become fruitful.

Birds: it is quite simple that birds love to fly and reside in an open space; an animal farm cannot restrict the movement of a bird if open land area is allotted. Hence the open area which contains the trees and grass must be widely and broadly covered with steel net, so that the birds do not fly elsewhere. It is essential for the betterment of their breeding and growth that they should be left free (but with the steel net above the empty land area, or trees).

Fishes: the best space which can be established in an animal farm pertains to fishes, since they can only survive in water, animal farm owners are required to establish a separate space where they have collect the water, cleaning mechanism and feeding mechanism, just like any other animal fishes required certain private space and other requirements in order to breed and stay healthy.

The aforementioned are some of the most common species which are considered for the animal farms, but there are so many other things which one can do to make the experience of the animals; living in animal farms. It is pertinent to mention that the cost of everything varies from specification to specification, hence to understand the mantra of cost and benefit is a must for the animal farm owner.


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