Let’s all admit one thing, we all no matter how much we have grown we all have had a craze of the jumping castle at our times. Therefore, sometimes you grow up but the inner you are still a kid and will always cream with joy if you see a jumping castle. Who needs to pay every time you want to jump a castle, and that too for the limit? I think that unfair. Children deserve hours and hours of the jumping castle hire in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, there shouldn’t be any limit but a child or even if a person is having fun.

Jumping castle is filled with air and has a nice bouncy texture castle, it has a lot of shapes and types, whatever the child likes, it can be hired for hours and it has to be paid a lot of amounts.

Pros of hiring a jumping castle.

There are a lot of pros of hiring a jumping castle, let’s see them in the following.

Firstly, it provides a way of enjoyment for the kids, the kids who get bored at home all the time and the only thing left to erase their boredom is a phone, jumping castle plays an important role here. It helps the child get into an activity and helps them exercise from these too. They do make a lot of memories in those castles with their friends that will always be worthy of time and money and they love to look back to such memories. However, in this case, hiring is a good idea.

Moreover, it helps them to keep busy, keep enjoying and this way the adults who are always babysitting them or are always after them, they get time off so that they can focus on themselves and their routine for this specific time period too.

Cons of hiring a jumping castle

There aren’t any cons deliberately, but let me keep this mentioned that the cost for hiring this is very high, it is around $200 till $300 that is a lot, but if the owner is able to afford it then why not, looking forward to another disadvantage of hiring a castle is that an adult supervisor is required all the time while the kids are jumping. In case of emergency, or in case they don’t damage it. Castle are inflammable, adults have to make sure the kids don’t fire it or not do anything or such thing that would later become costly to the host.

Safety tips

Make sure your shoes are off since that can damage the castle. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself, play but don’t get crazy after it that you damage the castle or yourself. Stay in the timing or else it will cost more.


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