You are living in a house that was inherited to your father by your grandfather and then your father gave it to you. So, it means that nearly this house is around 50 years old. At that time the living style of people was different than today. but your father sticks to same design and layout. There was no reason that he should change it because it was the house, he spent his childhood and his family. But now when you have your own family living it, you see many things which this house lack and also not enough for your family. Yes, you have affiliation with this place, and you don’t want to move somewhere else. Moreover, you don’t want to completely demolish the old house and build a new one on it. So, what you will be thinking then. You need someone who can do some modification in this house or maybe demolish some part of it and rebuild those parts. It means that you need to knock down rebuild specialists Melbourne. These people are specialized in renovating or extending your home and they can do it by keeping the old structure intact also. They can also help to completely revamp your home, knock downing the old building and making a new one as per your preferred design. The choice will always be yours. 

But it’s not this simple, there are certain steps involved in this process that you have to go through before getting your rebuild home.

  • First of all, you have to select the design for rebuilding. The design will be submitted to your builder to evaluate the cost of the project. After submission of tender or quotation by professional builders. You might require arranging finance 
  • Drafting a contract is very important. The contract must be inclusive of the final design which you needed for the home. All the legal and commercial requirement must be enlisted in the contract. This will help you to avoid any disputes in future about work or price
  • When you will be having a contract with the builder. Then they will be submitting an approval request to the local council. This will include the old and new design of home, their construction plan. This will save your hassle of compiling the documents and get approval from local authorities. Knock down builders are specialist in their job, so they know how to make a compelling case which can provide speedy approval for the commencement of construction
  • After the contract and necessary approval, construction will start. The site manager will be appointed who will keep you updated about the progress and ensure that you get the same design as promised. 
  • The house will be handed over after completion of construction and complete quality check of the site. Not only this, the warranty manager will be visiting your house after 3 to 6 months, to see that everything is fine and living up the commitments, made in the start.


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