Museums are an important part of our culture. They are not only tourist visiting place or useful for school trips, but they also have much more to it that one can imagine. Museums carry so much of our historical heritage that human mind would get astonished. They carry cultural and ancient artifacts that are valuable now and even after decades they will hold the same importance as they had in the past. Museums have so much historical, cultural and ancient artifacts in them that their security is not-compressible. The ancient pieces also include antiques and they are kept under highest of security in special section. Many museums are now inclined towards Perspex picture frames to secure their objects leaving the glass framing behind. Perspex is a form of acrylic but much stronger than it. It has similarities with acrylic material and is often in white clear glass-like appearance. Many museums are making the plunge to get its glass framing exchanged by Perspex framing due to countless features it possesses. Some of the key high-light features of Perspex are mentioned below.

  • Scratch resistance

Due to the fact that Perspex is made of high standard synthetic material, it is completely scratch proof. This quality is considered to be a must for display cases, reliable acrylic block frames and secure boxes. Perspex is very hardcore material and very scratch resistance as compared to glass. Glass no matter how high quality it has, is prone to scratches. 

  • Shatter resistance

Even though shatterproof glass is available in the market, but it does come with a hefty price tag. People are making the shift to Perspex as it shatters free as well as costs less than glass. Even if the display boxes take a hit or a fall, it will remain scratch-free as well as shatter-free. Museums are now preferring to secure and display their objects in Perspex made boxes and display boxes.

  • Easy to clean

Maintain Perspex framing objects and display boxes are quite easy as all they need is a quick wipe with water and they can be as good as new. On the other hand glass frames are a hassle to clean and get spot-free as the cleaning usually leaves a trail that needs to be wiped again and again. It is time-consuming as well as a labored task.

  • Lightweight

Glass and Perspex have half the difference in weight. The difference between both is so drastic that it can convince anyone to make the shift. Glass is twice the weight of Perspex. Perspex is very lightweight and due to this quality, Perspex framing is easy to mount on the wall securely. They are easy to carry as well as transport from one location to another.

  • Appearance

Perspex framing looks very elegant and royal when mounted on the wall. If compared to glass, perspex has a more translucent finish that has a certain glossiness to it. Glass is also very shiny but not as much as Perspex and this is also the main reason why museums are now preferring perspex over glass.

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